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Custom Solar Energy Systems in Bend, Oregon

Custom Solar Energy Systems in Bend, Oregon

Our state has always been at the forefront of prioritizing the environment. Since 1897, when conservationists established forest reserves, we’ve been mindful about coexisting with the planet in harmony.  

Today, one of the most positive things we can do is to switch to solar energy systems. In Bend, Oregon, we at National Solar USA are dedicated to making that an effortless transition for you.

Pay Less For Your Power
26% Federal Tax Credit
Save On Your Utility Bill
Raises Homes Value
Financing Available
You Own The System
Helping The Next Generation

Using the sun as a renewable energy source just has too many advantages to ignore. There are so many reasons why solar power is a better choice than fossil fuels: 

  • No drilling the earth’s surface 
  • No harmful production plants 
  • No greenhouse gas emissions 
  • No polluting the water supply 
  • No dwindling resources 

But that’s just what a solar energy system is not. By switching to sustainable solar power, you’ll enjoy endless benefits, including: 

  • Multiple solar array possibilities 
  • Minimal sunlight required 
  • Fast, simple installation 
  • Always evolving technological advancements 

As a consumer, though, you want to make a smart choice financially. The economic advantages deserve a section of their own. They include:  

  • A 26 percent federal tax credit  
  • Lower utility bills 
  • Higher property value 
  • Full ownership 
  • Available financing  
  • Long-term cumulative gains 
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As a family-owned business with strong roots in the community, we’re proud of the history of solar energy systems in Bend and all of Oregon. In 2002, we were the first state in America to install solar panels on our capitol building. Since then, the state government has supported our transition to alternative energy. We enjoy environmentally friendly regulations as well as a variety of financial incentives. 

Based on our client feedback, there’s likely just one reason you haven’t switched to solar yet: you’re not sure who to call. So let us make it easy for you. At National Solar USA, we start with a no-pressure consultation that’s all about making you better informed about our systems. Our site evaluation is free to you. The decision is yours.  

So don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about solar energy. You reap the benefits today. The planet gets a chance to heal. And the future looks a lot brighter for our children.  

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