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Your Solar Benefits

The Advantages of a Solar Energy System

The advantages of a solar energy system are endless. It’s the smarter choice for you, the planet, and the future.  

Pay Less For Your Power
30% Federal Tax Credit
Save On Your Utility Bill
Raises Homes Value
Financing Available
You Own The System
Helping The Next Generation
We Make Going Solar Easy
Custom Built Designs

Our engineering design team will create a custom solar solution tailored to your home’s energy requirements and site assessment findings. We do our best to accommodate all of your needs and advise you on the best option for your energy and investment goals.

Professional Install

Once the installation is complete, we schedule building, electrical, and utility inspections for you. We also deliver a customer care package to all our clients, which includes as-built drawings, warranties, helpful tax resources, and more.

Simple Process

We want our clients to start experiencing the benefits of a solar energy system as soon as possible. Our experienced install team can typically set up your system in one day or less. Our team prides itself on professionalism, promptness, safety, and respect for your property.

Exceptional Service

We believe the switch to solar should be as easy as possible. That’s why we handle the whole process, from system engineering and project financing to permits and inspection scheduling. There’s no stress on you. It can be as easy as signing the dotted line.

Every Customer Gets a User-Friendly Gateway for System Monitoring
The National Solar Savings Guarantee
Because we can't predict the weather for the year, we aren't able to tell you exactly how much solar energy you will produce. But we can guarantee you will save money compared to your previous yearly utility costs.

Learn more about the advantages of a solar energy system with National Solar USA in Bend, Oregon! 

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