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Want to work for a family owned Solar company that pays living wages for all our staff with full benefits? Then you're in the right place!
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Limited Renewable Energy Technician(LRT):
We are looking for a licensed LRT to lead a crew in the state of Oregon. As a lead on a project you will be responsible for working with installation team from start to finish on a project ensuring that the project is completed to set plans. You will also conduct services such as inverter swaps or removal of systems for roof replacements. You may do sit inspections to get solmetric readings and design systems from the point of sale forward.

Most work will be conducted in Central Oregon and the Eugene Areas. You must be comfortable on a ladder and on roofs of all types and lifting up to 50lbs. Roofing and electrical knowledge are necessary skills for the position and at least 2 years full time working on residential solar.

Leadership and communication skills are essential for creating a positive work environment and experience for our clients. Our crews are efficient, productive and are completing jobs in a timely and professional manner on a consistent basis.
Job Type: Full-Time Salary
Pay: $90,000 per year