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Saving Our planet

Saving Our Planet
The Benefits of Solar Energy for the Planet
Solar isn't just about saving money
Our planet needs our help too
Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels
The benefits of solar energy vs. fossil fuels are likely no surprise to you. The pros of fossil fuels? They’re a reliable resource that offers near-constant availability. Whether you want to go for a drive at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., there is nothing you have to consider as a consumer other than whether your gas tank is full. Of course, many people are also aware of the disadvantages of gas, oil and coal. Those cons include significant pollution and the reality of a scarce resource that will eventually run out.

But one of the cons of fossil fuels deserves more attention: the cost and detriment of creating its production plants. Simply put, the operating costs associated with producing fossil fuels dramatically outweigh the operating costs of producing solar energy.

Compare that with the benefits of solar energy. Solar panels are easily installed on a rooftop surface or ground mount and they harness an already-available resource: sunlight. That’s a dramatic improvement over fossil fuels that damage our planet from the beginning point of production. Fossil fuels don’t just create greenhouse gas emissions—the process of drilling also degrades and erodes the ground and pollutes the water supply.
Did you know fossil fuels still comprise about 25 percent of the energy used in Oregon state? They also contribute to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases and acid rain produced annually in the United States.
This Is Your Chance to Make a Difference
Believe it or not, the sun gives the earth enough solar energy each hour to power the entire world for a year. And the only way for us to harness this energy is through solar energy systems. Watch this short informational video to learn about the other environmental benefits of solar energy.
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An Average National Solar System Offsets about 4.7 Tons of Carbon Dioxide A Year

That's Like:
An Average National Solar System Offsets about 4.7 Tons of Carbon Dioxide a Year
That's Like:
Planting 84 Trees & Had Them Grow For Over 10 Years
Charging 650,000 Cell Phones
Eliminating The Need to Burn 2.8 Tons of Coal
12,500 Miles In A Family Car
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