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Why Solar

Solar System Overview

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Solar Benefits

Lower Your Electricity Bills

Solar allows you to control your energy costs. Electricity rates are continually increasing, but with solar you can insulate yourself from rising prices. Depending on the system size you choose and your local utility’s incentives, you can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Take Advantage Of Incentives

It’s never been more affordable to go solar! Oregon has some of the most progressive and beneficial solar reward systems in the country and its many incentives and cost-reducing programs make solar an increasingly affordable and viable option for everyone. But these programs won’t last forever- Federal and State programs are currently slated to extend for only 2-4 more years at their current rates.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar doesn’t just make financial sense- it makes a significant impact on the environment. A solar system produces 100% clean energy, meaning less air pollution, less fossil fuel consumption, and another milestone towards a future of renewable energy. And unlike other renewable sources such as hydroelectric, solar panels have almost zero disruptive impact on the environment and the ubiquity of sunlight means that it’s a solution that can work effectively almost anywhere on the globe. Fossil fuels still comprise about 25% of energy used in OR state, contributing to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases and acid rain produced annually in the US. These man-made toxins are a detriment to human health and create long-term consequences for the environment.

Simply put, switching to solar is an investment in a cleaner, healthier future for you, your community, and the world at large. If you want to make a statement about the importance of sustainable energy practices and responsible stewardship of our natural resources, there is no better way than going solar.

Solar Incentives

26% Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit offered by the Federal government is a tax credit towards solar electric systems, meaning solar purchasers are entitled to claim a 26% tax credit from the total cost of their solar system on their next tax filing.

Net Metering

Oregon offers net-metering for customer-owned renewable energy generation. This means that all solar electricity produced that is not used at time of generation will be fed back to the utility grid, so that your excess power can be used by others. Solar owners don’t have to pay for the power they use and the excess power builds up credits that can be used toward darker winter months. Credits and programs vary based on your local utility.

Other Benefits

5-Year Accelerated Depreciation for Home Based Businesses

Some home-based businesses can qualify for a full 5-year MACRS accelerated depreciation tax deduction on the entire cost of their solar electric.

Increased Appraised Value of Your Property

Solar can be a smart investment for your property. If you install a home solar power system in Oregon the added value to your home from the installation of solar power system will not be included in the assessment of the property’s value for property tax purposes. A 2011 study by the US Department of Energy found that the value of homes with PV solar systems is about $4 higher per watt of PV installed, meaning the average PV system can add almost $15,000 to your property’s value.